Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Love Affair

It's true... Photography is definitely a love affair. I had never thought about it that way until we attended the Love Affair Workshop. We are soooo extremely passionate about photography because we love what we do! We both feel so blessed to have found a job which allows us creativity, freedom, and fun!! But, we have also found that it has taken over our lives..every moment of it! We find ourselves spending hours upon hours searching for lighting techniques, looking at other photographer's blogs, or simply just working on our client's pictures. It truly has become our love affair...and one in which we weren't willing to give up!
Pretty sad..huh?
After attending the workshop this past week in North Carolina, we have found that we are definitely not the only ones finding ourselves in this situation. The great news is we spent a ton of time at the workshop learning how to balance daily life with running a photography business... We are super excited about the ideas that these four wonderful women shared with us. Each photographer brought a different perspective to the table and now we are making a plan that will work for the girls at Anne Marie :)
Let's see, there is sooo much more to be said...
The workshop was put on by 4 amazing women.
Lauren Clark, who spent many hours answering our bazillion photoshop questions...
Kelly Moore, who is a lighting genius...Need I say more?!
Davina Fear, who has truly mastered the art of time/life/balance.
Millie Holloman, who's got the business side down!!
Of course, these women are all amazing photographers as well. I have attached links to their website so you can begin stalking them tonight.

Enjoy our pics from the trip!! They are totally out of order...sorry about that!

Traci's last hours..

Our roomies!! Love them..

Traci's self-portrait...leaving the island. :(

our roommates plus a few..

sweet brooke!! our new friend from houston.


the hot model!!

karyn & lindsey

meggie, traci, & brooke..

pregnant amy de young & meggie

our cottage on the beach.. captain charlie's III

our day for night shoot.

traci's spot on the golf cart...

the day meggie let someone else drive!!

This one was taken by Karyn...

meggie again..

stolen from the love affair blog.

and these were stolen from lauren clark..

and these from kelly moore..

Monday, February 25, 2008


This is sweet Danielle. She is actually my sister-in-law and I am so blessed to have her in my life. :)

On the day of her shoot, Traci & I rolled out of bed at about 7 AM.. I must say, we didn't look so hot. But, that's the joy of shooting family. They definitely don't care if wear our sweats to their portraits.

Now, Danielle on the other hand, looked mighty fine in her cute little outfits. She was also a ton of fun and full of laughter...
That was mostly due to her mom's crazy dance moves.. I have never seen anything like it.. but I would love to get it on video to show at the next family reunion! We may have to hire her for all of our shoots.

Good Luck next year Danielle!! Enjoy the pics...

P.S. Danielle's senior post brought back some great memories for Traci & I!! (She attends the high school that Traci & I graduated from!!)
In fact, it has inspired us to hold our first contest here on the anne marie blog...
It is also a test to see if anyone besides Stacy Cross is reading our blog. :)

Alright, here it goes.. The first one to fill in the blanks will win a $10 gift card to the Gap..
We like to shop there and figured you guys do too. My first thought was McDonald's because we are obsessed with their french fries.. But, Travis made a gross face when I said that! :(
Just post your answer in the comment section.

A tribute to our old alma mater....

..And though far from here we roam, we will always call you home. It's the place we love the best!

________ __________ _______________!